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Fund title: Haatch Seed Enterprise Investment Fund (Haatch SEIS)


*Rebate - Total 2% for ALL clients - ie Initial commission rebate of 3%. However, the initial WealthMe Arrangement Fee of 1% is paid by the product provider from your Initial commission or it can be paid by the investor separately.

Managed by four successful entrepreneurs who have between them founded, grown and sold businesses worth over $160 million, Haatch is a team of hands-on value creators. It has been there, having built, scaled and sold companies. It will use that knowledge, experience and network to accelerate the growth of portfolio businesses via its “Smart Money” approach, providing support in many areas, including go-to-market, digital development and marketing.

Founded in 2013 as an angel co-investment joint venture under the “Haatch Angel” brand, with one very successful exit to date, which returned 276x. The total Haatch Angel portfolio is currently holding an average ROI of 31x. Haatch Ventures was born in September 2018. Since then it has successfully launched the Haatch EIS fund in 2018 and Haatch SEIS and Haatch Follow On fund in 2021.

As a manager, Haatch backs entrepreneurs from MVP through to exit via the pre-seed SEIS fund, pre-seed/ seed EIS fund and later stage Follow On Fund. Haatch invests in digital transformation businesses in sectors such as software-as-a-service, on-demand, gig-economy and digital consumer. Digital is a key driver across many industries, Haatch is therefore able to remain broad in sectors yet focused on the most transformative businesses and where it believes it can use its considerable experience to add value.

Fund - Unapproved fund

Advanced Assurance is always sought prior to any investment taking place.

Expected Allotment date - Haatch SEIS Fund monies will be deployed next tax year 22/23.

Performance fees - 25% on 1-5x and 30% on 5x+

Total target return - Haatch SEIS - 10x

Investment objectives - Provided by Haatch

As a manager, Haatch backs entrepreneurs from minimum viable product (MVP) through to exit via the pre-seed SEIS fund, pre-seed/ seed EIS fund and later stage Follow On Fund.

Haatch's SEIS fund companies will use the capital to go-to-market and importantly begin to commercialise their business ready for their Seed round and beyond. The SEIS fund provides deal-flow for Haatch's flagship EIS fund and enables investors to back Haatch companies multiple times; right at the beginning of their journey, through go-to-market and commercialisation and as they transition from Startup to Scale Up.

Company backgroung - Provided by Haatch

Founded by Scott Weavers-Wright and Fred Soneya in September 2013 as an angel co-investment joint venture under the “Haatch Angel” brand, Haatch is an early-stage investment business backing growth focused digital companies. Under Haatch Angel, Scott and Fred focused on making investments within the SaaS and retail technology verticals and invested into 10 investee companies with one very successful exit to date, which returned 276x. The total Haatch Angel portfolio is currently holding an average ROI of 31x. Haatch Ventures'
investment focus has expanded to include B2B SaaS, Pro-Consumer, OnDemand, Gig Economy and Digital Consumer.

Haatch was founded on the back of the start-up program at Kiddicare. Kiddicare.com, founded by Scott Weavers-Wright and sold to Morrisons in 2011 for £70m cash, hand-selected retail technology start-ups to provide first-of-their-kind customer experiences, creating a platform which led to 10 acquisitions with a total value north of £3 billion.

With the continued growth of its own private investment portfolio and Haatch brand, Haatch launched Haatch Ventures in September 2018 and was excited to welcome Simon Penson (founder of Zazzle Media) and Mark Bennett (VP for Android GTM for Google) to the team as partners.

Further details of the acquisitions and bios of the team can be found in the Information Memorandum.

Company was established in 2013.

Funds under management - £13m

12 members of staff

Please provide details on how many EIS/VCTs have exited and any performance figures - Provided by Haatch

There have been no successful exits to date in the EIS Fund as it is too early in the lifecycle. However, the first successful exit from Haatch Angel was from Elevaate which delivered a 276x return on investment after 4 years.

Number of companies in this investment / will be in this plan - Provided by Haatch

Haatch EIS - Target portfolio of 4-6 companies

Expected speed of deployment of investment - Provided by Haatch

We target deployment within 12 months of investing. In reality this happens much faster, with the average speed to full deployment for the EIS Fund at 48 days.

Expected holding period - Provided by Haatch

EIS - 5-10 years

Areas of potential investment interest - Provided by Haatch

Haatch's older investments have a slight bias towards retail technology and B2B SaaS. This was fuelled by Scott and Fred’s backgrounds; however, we have continued to diversify thanks to the extra dimension and experience brought in by Haatch partners Simon and Mark. Both bring significant marketing and mobile expertise to the table along with the shared passion for consumer tech and the march of digital transformation.

Looking at the broader market, digital is a key growth driver across many industries. Haatch is therefore able to remain broad in sectors yet focused on the most transformative businesses. This provides Investors with access to what Haatch deems an extremely exciting early-stage and scale-up investment portfolio.

Moving forward, the focus will continue to be on well-known markets in addition to making investments in new markets being fuelled by technology enablement, including smart devices, artificial intelligence, blockchain and mixed reality.

WealthMe fees

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