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  3. Post the completed forms along with two valid forms of ID, and a cheque made payable to the provider, to: WealthMe, PO Box 362, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 5BH.

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Fund title: MMC Ventures EIS


*Rebate - Total 2% - ie Initial commission rebate of 3%. Our 1% arrangement fee can either be paid directly by you with a cheque made payable to 'WealthMe' or it can be facilitated by the Manager out of your Subscription.

If applicable we will ask the product provider to reinvest any initial or trail commission back into your plan. This will be either in the form of a reduction in their charges or an enhancement of additional shares. However if this cannot be facilitated, they will pay any initial or trail commission to WealthMe. We will then pay any surplus initial commission immediately back to the recipient. Any trail commission we receive will be paid to the recipient in January based on the amount received in the previous year (subject to a £10 administration fee). All initial and trail rebates will be paid net of basic rate tax and are to be treated as taxable income by the recipient as stipulated by HMRC.

MMC Ventures focuses on technology-enabled businesses in sectors where the UK is a world leader, particularly financial and business services, business software, digital media and consumer internet. In doing so we have access to deep pools of world-class innovation and talent. MMC seeks fast-growing, early stage businesses led by impressive management teams. We are looking for companies that use technology to disrupt large markets, transform supply chains, create new customer experiences or reduce the cost to sell or serve. We avoid start-ups, and focus on revenue-generating businesses with demonstrable commercial traction. Typically we invest £1m to £3m in an initial funding and support the business as it grows through follow-on funding rounds.

Investors can expect to be invested in c. 10 companies over the course of 12-18 months (current average c.15 months). Their investments will be a mixture of follow-on rounds and initial funding rounds into EIS companies. We manage risks at every stage in the investment process, from due diligence on potential investments, all the way through to due diligence on exits.

Expected Allotment date - 12-18 month expected deployment rate.

Fund type:

New Fund

Miniumum investment


Initial Charges


WealthMe Arrangement Fee


Expected Close date


Funds Raised and sought

£30m of £35m



Important Information
The information given here has been taken from the product terms and conditions, brochure, and other literature available from the product provider. However, no guarantee can be made to the accuracy of the information. You should therefore satisfy yourself as to the full terms and risks of any investment by reference to the relevant materials provided by the product provider. In the unlikely event of any discrepancy between the information shown here and that provided in the provider literature, the product literature shall prevail. All investment involves risk and you could lose some or all of the money you invest.