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Fund title: Triple Point VCT 2011 plc


*Rebate - Total 7% for ALL clients - ie Initial commission rebate of 3%, plus up to max 5% (ie 0.5% X 10 years) trail commission which is dependent on the investment being kept for the full term, LESS the 1% WealthMe Arrangement Fee which is paid by the product provider from the Initial commission.

Early bird discount deadlines


Allotment dates

Invest by 5 April 2023 (noon) for allotment in the 2022/23 tax year

- For investments in the 2022/23 tax year, the Offer will remain open until no later than noon on 5 April 2023 subject to cleared funds. For all investments in the 2023/24 tax year, the Offer will remain open until noon on 28 July 2023, unless fully subscribed at an earlier date.

Product information - provided by Triple Point

Triple Point offer a range of retail products in addition to our VCT. These include:
• Triple Point Estate Planning Service, our IHT product, consisting of two distinct strategies – Generations and Navigator
• Triple Point Income Service
We also operate several Investment Trusts, including:
• Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (D9)
• Triple Point Energy Transition plc
• Triple Point Social Housing REIT plc

Times of great change create significant opportunities, opportunities for entrepreneurs to innovate, adopt new technologies and fill new gaps that have opened up in their markets.
Triple Point was founded in 2004 by a group of investors who were looking for a different type of Venture Capital Trust to those then available – one that partnered with ambitious, growing businesses and created value by addressing their needs for liquidity while providing investors with a compelling investment opportunity.

Today, Triple Point’s Venture Fund gives startups access to fast, reliable and supportive capital at the earliest stages of their lifecycle, allowing them to develop their products, grow their market share, and contribute to the UK’s positive economic growth. The Fund is now in its fourth year since launch and already has a relatively diverse portfolio of 37 investee companies, with a Total Return (NAV plus dividends paid) standing at over 18.5% since launch and over 25% since March 2020. With a new top-up offer the Venture Fund is seeking to raise a further £10 million (with a £20 million over-allotment facility) in order to invest in early-stage businesses with strong, long term growth potential.

Unlike other traditional venture investment products, Triple Point’s Venture Fund looks to maximise shareholder returns by investing in innovative early stage companies solving real-world corporate challenges often at seed and series A funding rounds. This “challenge-led” investment approach is made possible by the Fund’s focus on B2B software opportunities where the Triple Point team can talk to customers and potential customers about whether the investee’s product or service solves a real pain point. Research on the causes of start-up failures suggests that establishing a product market fit helps to reduce one of the most significant risks of early-stage venture capital.

The fund focuses on investing in young, technology-driven businesses in a variety of B2B sectors. Key investment sectors to date have included FinTech, where we have backed software and platforms that simplify processes and reduce costs for both large and small customers, and Healthcare, where digital products are revolutionising everything from GP practices’ back office and patient interactions through to helping corporate employees to quit smoking.

The fund leverages Triple Point’s deep network for deal origination, support and startup mentorship. This network comprises a wide array of relationships developed over the last 18 years, spanning blue chips, entrepreneur investors, corporate innovation specialists and other venture capitalists.

The Offer builds on our strong track record of early stage investing with a distinct approach.

Key features:
- Manager Experience: This is the 23rd VCT fundraise that Triple Point have successfully launched since their inception in 2004.
- Growth: The Fund is looking to deliver long term capital growth in the net asset value and to date has delivered a 6% compound annual return since the first fund raise in March 2019 and a total return of 18.7%. The bulk of that growth has come from rising valuations for the 2019 cohort of investments, some of which have performed particularly well and raised fresh funds from US venture capitalists.
- Tax-Free Income: The Venture Fund is targeting an annual dividend of up to 5 pence per share, subject to realisations (having already paid a 3p dividend in each of 2020, 2021 and 2022)
- Strong origination capabilities: Triple Point has over the last 18 years built deep relationships with a variety of blue chips, entrepreneur investors, corporate innovation specialists and other venture capitalists along with the Venture Funds own advisory committee who bring potential investments and additional specialist expertise to the Fund.
- Distinct investment strategy: The Venture Fund looks to maximise shareholder returns by investing in (i) innovative B2B technology start-ups at (ii) a relatively early stage, typically Seed and Series A with some pre-Seed investing (iii) typically at or beyond where they have typically achieved market validation from one or more corporate customers.
- Investment timeframe: Portfolio companies are expected to have a 5-10 year investment horizon.

WealthMe fees

If applicable, we will ask the product provider to reinvest any initial or trail commission back into your plan. This will be either in the form of a reduction in their charges or an enhancement of additional shares. However if this cannot be facilitated, they will pay any initial or trail commission to WealthMe. We will then pay any surplus initial commission immediately back to the recipient. Any trail commission we receive will be paid to the recipient in April/May based on the amount received in the previous year (subject to a £10 administration fee). All initial and trail rebates will be paid net of basic rate tax and are to be treated as taxable income by the recipient as stipulated by HMRC.

WARNING – Please read all product provider documentation and their website before proceeding.
We have provided the above information in good faith, however, it could be out of date or updated , therefore please always refer to the providers website for the most up to date information.

Fund type:

New Fund

Minimum investment


Initial Charges


WealthMe Arrangement Fee


Expected Close date

5 Apr 2023

Funds Raised and sought

£5.9m of £10m



Important Information
The information given here has been taken from the product terms and conditions, brochure, and other literature available from the product provider. However, no guarantee can be made to the accuracy of the information. You should therefore satisfy yourself as to the full terms and risks of any investment by reference to the relevant materials provided by the product provider. In the unlikely event of any discrepancy between the information shown here and that provided in the provider literature, the product literature shall prevail. All investment involves risk and you could lose some or all of the money you invest.