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It’s only natural that when you retire, you’ll want an income that helps you to make the most of your accumulated pension and your newly found free time. There are a number of ways in which pension benefits can be taken, but if you wish to secure a regular income then an annuity could be the most appropriate method of taking these benefits. An annuity will help provide the income you need for the retirement you want.

However, you may not realise that you don’t have to take an annuity from your pension provider, and in fact it’s likely you’ll get a better deal by comparing the annuities on offer through the open market. Finding an annuity with another provider could mean a significant increase to your pension.

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Annuities are a specialist area, and we are partnered with leading annuity specialists. We focus on scouring the annuities marketplace to find the most competitive quote based on the information you supply us with.

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Annuities explained
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Annuities Explained

What they are, how they work and why it makes good sense to shop around.

What are the costs of delay in converting your personal pension to an annuity?