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The process

Complete the “Request your free report” form and we'll send you a comprehensive report showing your annuity options and incomes.

We will send with your report some forms which you will need to complete and return. We will use the signed forms as our letter of authority to request quotes and discharge forms from the holding provider(s).

The software we use is revolutionary, therefore the report you receive from us always uses the relevant rates applying to your fund size and age and explains all the annuity options including escalation, spouse's benefits, tax free cash, guarantees and payment periods.


Regardless of your health, our report assumes a healthy life. There is a simple grid in the report, which you can use to make your choice of annuity shape which most suits your needs. On receipt of the options forms we may send you a more detailed health questionnaire to complete.

It is estimated that up to one in three of us could qualify for an enhanced rate; for example those who have health problems, such as a history of heart disease, diabetes or cancer or for smokers and people who are overweight.


Once we have received the grid indicating the annuity shape required and confirmation of illness/smoker etc we broke the case on the Open Market and send a guaranteed quote from the most competitive provider.

We also liaise with your current providers to make sure we can beat their rate and also take care of the discharge forms and all conveyancing.


To manage your expectations, the time taken to transfer away from your current scheme and set up the annuity can be lengthy.  The annuity process from start (receipt of the “Request your free report” form) to completion (setting up of annuity payment) can take from 6 – 12 weeks, depending on provider turnaround times.  Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS/Tax Free Cash) is usually paid around the same time the policy schedule is issued.

We are a whole of market company and realise that there will be some small funds out there that some market leaders won’t be able to quote on - we have special deals for this kind of case so whatever fund size you may have, we will be able to deal with it.


If you decide to arrange the annutiy with us, there are no direct fees applied for the creation of this report. All our costs will be met with any comission received from the associated annuity provider.

All commission will be disclosed to you on the final illustration at the point of annuity purchase. You will not be charged any additional direct fees for any part of this annuity service. 

We will send update emails at all stages.


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