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The Investment Process

  • Download and read the prospectus & brochure for each of the Inheritance Tax Solutions(s) that interest you. 
  • Once you have chosen the Inheritance Tax Solutions(s) that you wish to apply for, click on the Apply now button on the right.
  • Press the Download pack button and complete all necessary forms as explained.
  • Post the completed documents to: WealthMe, PO Box 362, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 5BH. 
  • WealthMe will process the application and send it to the relevant provider. 
  • The product provider processes the application form and places the cheque eg £100,000† into a client bank account, please note interest is not paid on this account. 
  • When the money has cleared, the product provider will invest your £100,000 into one or more Business Property Relief (BPR) qualifying companies. 
  • After the two year minimum holding period, which starts from the date of investment into the underlying companies, your investment becomes an exempt asset for inheritance tax purposes. 
  • Four years later, you sadly pass away. Your executor, sends a notification of death to the product provider and requests a valuation as at the date of your death. 
  • The executors of your estate complete form IHT 412 which includes details of your policy, and send this to HMRC as part of the probate process. HMRC review the information and assess whether your investment qualifies for BPR. Once this is confirmed, the value‡ of the investment at the date of your death, is exempt from IHT calculations on your estate. 
  • † Please note, this ignores the impact of any fees and charges payable to the product providers or WealthMe.
  • ‡ Please remember that this may be less than the amount invested, and the investment may not be liquid. See product providers documentation for a description of these risks.