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Draw up a Will from the comfort of your home…

...with the help of one of our friendly solicitors.

Many people do not fully appreciate the need to draw up a Will and often see it as an inconvenience to make one, but in the event of your death the consequences of failing to make one can be devastating.

Why should you use a solicitor?

Using a solicitor is usually cheap and straightforward. It means that you will be given the correct advice ensuring that the Will is valid and that your intentions will be met in the event of your death.

In order to be effective a Will needs to be signed in accordance with the proper formalities as set out by the Wills Act 1837. If a document intended to be a Will does not follow the prescribed formalities then it will not be valid, but using a solicitor removes this risk.

When people make home-made wills incorrectly it often leads to problems in the event of a death which are expensive and sometimes not possible to fix. The costs for such matters can run into thousands of pounds so it is wise to avoid this by taking professional advice whilst you are alive.

Why should you use WealthMe?

Unlike many online Will services, we only charge an initial flat fee for making your Will. Many ‘free’ online Will services make their money by charging commission for the administration of the deceased person’s estate (probate) without disclosing these charges. We would discuss our charges for probate with your family who would not be bound to use our services.

Drawing up a Will with WealthMe couldn’t be easier. You simply fill out a form to request a call back. A Will specialist will then call you back, talk you through the process and listen to your requirements. On average, this phone call should take no more than 20 minutes. The Will is then drawn up and sent to you for signing.

A will drawn up via WealthMe is competitively priced and there is a will to suit your needs:

  • Single Wills for just £150+VAT
  • Mirror Wills for just £200+VAT
  • No probate commission
  • Your Will is properly drawn up by a solicitor and normally completed after a single call back

Ison Harrison Solicitors

Our Will service is provided by the renowned Leeds law firm, Ison Harrison Solicitors, with whom we have a long-standing relationship.

They are a multi-faceted company that offer one of the broadest ranges of legal services in the UK and are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

In addition to having the largest family team in Leeds, and offering one of the most efficient Conveyancing services in the region, their experienced Wills and Probate team will be happy to assist you over the phone with making your Will.

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