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Unlike many online Will services, we only charge an initial flat fee for making your Will. Many 'free' online Will services make their money by charging commission for the administration of the deceased person's estate (probate) without disclosing these charges. We would discuss our charges for probate with your family who would not be bound to use our services.

Below is an explanation of the products on offer and a summary of our competitive prices.



Single Will - £150.00+VAT              Mirror Wills - £200.00+VAT

A single Will is made by a single person disposing of their estate. Mirrored Wills are made by married couples, those in registered Civil Partnerships or cohabiting couples where typically the first person to die leaves everything to the survivor, and the survivor then leaves their estate to the chosen beneficiaries. It would always be open to the survivor to change his or her will after the first person dies.


Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)*

Single Financial LPA including registering the LPA £350 plus VAT( but not including the court fee of £82) 

Mirror Financial LPA including registering the LPAs £550 plus VAT (not including the court fees of £82 x 2)

A Lasting Powers of Attorney is a document whereby you can choose who would deal with your affairs and property, typically if you were to become mentally incapable of managing your affairs.


Wills with Lasting Powers of Attorney*

Single Will and LPA £400 plus VAT including registration but not court fee of £82

Mirror Wills and LPAs £600 plus VAT including registration but not including court fees of £82 x 2


Wealth Protection Wills

£250+VAT & disbursements

Mirror Wills whereby the first to die leaves his or her share of the matrimonial home to the survivor “on trust for life”. This means that if the survivor goes into a Nursing Home the first to die's half of the home will normally be protected from Nursing Home fees.


Family Protection Trust

£799+VAT & disbursements

The disposal of your house into a trust for you for life, and then your children, to try and make sure that the house or its proceeds of sale ultimately pass to your children, while at the same time, giving you the right to live in the house.


Notice of Severance

Per Property - £50+VAT & Land Registry fee

This allows a couple to leave their respective shares of a house in accordance with their Wills as tenants in common rather than by survivorship which happens if they are joint tenants. It is necessary to sever the tenancy if a Family Trust Will is required.

*Lasting Powers of Attorney costs exclude price of Registration at the Office of the Public Guardian. Separate charges are made for Property and Finance LPA’s and Health and Welfare LPAs.

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